TOP STORY: COSMETIC CHRISTIANITY: Preaching in pink: the religion of Mary Kay Cosmetics

c. 1996 Religion News Service DALLAS _ Mary Kay Cosmetics’ philosophy has always been:”God first, family second, career third”and founder and chairman emeritus Mary Kay Ash attributes the cosmetic giant’s success to its initial decision to “take God as our partner.” That unique mix of faith and facials, which continues to attract”spiritually strong”people promoting and marketing the product in 25 nations, brought in more than $950 million in wholesale sales last year. Mary Kay sells its cosmetics and skin care products to 475,000 salespeople, called”independent beauty consultants,”who in turn sell directly to consumers in their homes. The Mary Kay philosophy is simple: Looking good leads to BEING good, both at home and in the world.”(If) a woman feels pretty on the outside, she becomes prettier on the inside, too,”Ash preaches in her best-selling biography”Mary Kay: You Can Have it All”(Prima).”In addition, she goes on to become a better member of her family and community,”Ash writes.”(God) has blessed us because our motivation is right.