COMMENTARY: Grisham’s morality tale: The unbearable lightness of leaving

c. 1997 Religion News Service (Dale Hanson Bourke is author of “Turn Toward the Wind” and publisher of Religion News Service. She is the mother of two boys.) UNDATED _ Have you ever felt like your wonderful career is turning into a dead-end job? Do you wonder what happened to the romance in your marriage? Are there days when the relentless onslaught of bills, complaints and hassles get the best of you?

NEWS FEATURE: Is Dolly a lamb of God or an act of forbidden science?

c. 1997 Religion News Service UNDATED _ Theologians and medical ethicists were as amazed and appalled as the rest of the world by news this week that a Scottish scientist had successfully cloned a sheep from the mammary cell of a ewe, creating a genetically identical animal without benefit of a male parent. The optimists among them considered the sheep, known as Dolly, very much a lamb of God, one more manifestation of divine intelligence guiding human action on the frontiers of knowledge. Others viewed Dr. Ian Wilmut’s livestock experiment at the Roslin Institute as a step into a forbidden area: meddling with the creative work only God can do. Vatican officials called for an outright ban on all human cloning and urged scientists not to genetically alter animal species.