Gaza and Biblical Prophesy

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Zionists, Jews Say Gaza Withdrawal Doesn’t Fit With Prophecy RNS’s article of the week, linked above, looks at how Jews and Christians view the Gaza Strip pullout in light of Biblical prophesy. Quote: Jewish settlers aren’t the only ones struggling to reconcile this historic episode with their worldviews. From factions of religious Jews in Israel […]

  • webtelly

    Where did this pullout come from? Out of the blue! After years of seeing the Jewish-Palestinian conflict as going in favor of the Jews, especially on American television, suddenly this happens. Where were the preliminary reports of this even being in talks. I think the entire thing smells. I think it is a trick by Israel to martyr itself once again so that it can make one final turn of hatred and revenge on the Palestinian people and thus fulfill its ‘prophesy’ using simple-minded, hate-driven people.