Episcopal Bishop John Chane

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Quote of the Day: Episcopal Bishop John Chane of Washington “If the church is to really focus on the issues of the Bible’s teaching and the core teachings of Jesus Christ, why does this archbishop spend so much time on human sexuality issues while so many of his countrymen and women are oppressed by poverty, […]

  • Anonymous

    Bishop Chane’s statement is stunning either in its complete lack of self-reflection or in the kind of hubris that is reflective of his grating and devisive personal syle.

    In a city that cries out for healing and for strong leadership in the fight against racism, poverty, fair housing and bringing people to God, the issue most associated with the good Bishop is the issue of sexuality. It is he that choose to champion an issue guaranteed to divide people of faith and his confrontational approach to those who profoundly disagree with him shows that he is not interested in a real dialogue.

    The good Bishops of Africa know more about the desperate challeges of sickness, poverty, hunger, racism and fatih than Bishop Chane could ever conceive. They live out their faith in a far more desperate environment than the safe confines of Church House and they live a far more real and authentic faith than Bishop Chane can ever imagine.