Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson on black leaders

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Quote of the Day: The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson of Brotherhood Organization of New Destiny “Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, most of the black preachers who are not called by God, but by their mama, represent evil. And so those people who are on the side of good have […]

  • Anonymous

    All of white America salutes you in your stand against Jesse Jackson!!! Your article explaining the real crisis in NO is excellent! Have you written anything yet on why blacks can continue yelling discrimination, and whites are expected to just pick themselves up by their boot straps when being discriminated against. I am seeing reverse discrimination these days, yet never have I heard of a white person pressing charges against an individual or establishment for this. Why is this?

  • Anonymous

    if only we all, black or white, were willing to shine that light of truth. There is much that is good and honorable and much that is evil in every man… It is the man who must choose what his future is. The light, the truth and the way… or the road most traveled… choose well.