American cardinals named; Abortion opponents encouraged; and a new handwritten Bible in the works

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The pope has named two American cardinals, reports Kristine Crane from the Vatican City in Wednesday’s RNS report: Pope Benedict XVI elevated two Americans to the status of cardinal Wednesday (Feb. 22), sending a message of encouragement and approval to U.S. bishops struggling to deal with an ongoing sex abuse crisis. In all, 15 new […]

  • James Pepper

    What lapse? I completed my New Testament 5 years before Saint John’s started their Bible. I have the blessings of Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of York. My bible you can google my site “the Pepper Bible” and you will see CBS, ABC and United Methodist church videos of my work.
    Saint John’s HMML library just authenticated an illuminated mansucript of the bible as having been made in Ethiopia in the 18th Century so saint Johns acknolwedges the existence of other bibles professionally as a service to other Libraries but when it comes to telling the public and particuarly donors, they claim they are the first in 500 years. The press is not getting it wrong, they are directly quoting Saint Johns. Your article shows they have a total disregard for the past,
    ” According to a group of more than 200 modern Minnesota monks at Saint John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minn., five centuries was too long to wait for an artistic reinterpretation of the Bible.”
    Commissioned means they hired people to do it for them. And that might be right because all of the other Benedictines in the past 500 years did it themselves!
    Edward Bulley made a bible which is in Westminster Cathedral in London, it is on vellum and illuminated and it is in 8 volumes and he did it from 1968 to 1983. The Easern and espcially the Russian Orthodox didi it uner extreme persecution. The difference between our bibles and saint Johsn is we are not denying 500 years of the work of God for glory of this world, and we don’t use computers to make our bibles. There is no excuse, you bought their story, without looking to see if it was true.