Merton’s Abbey; Earth Sanctuary

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Friday’s RNS report features a look at the Abbey of Gethsemani in Trappist, Ky., where silence speaks louder than words. Roy Hoffman reports: Like a pale fortress over the scarlet hills, the Abbey of Gethsemani rises at the end of Monk’s Road. Founded in 1848 by French Trappist monks, Gethsemani is now home to about […]

  • Anonymous

    God have saved my life
    About author
    1. name:cai yuan,boy
    2. place of born:china,jiangxi,ganzhou,longnan
    3. university:financial and economic of jiangxi
    5. tel: +86(0760)5263450(hand phone)
    6. letter:guangdong,zhongshan,cuiheng bag sewing factory.

    Oh, my God, where are you?!
    A. I, caiyuan, at about 10 years old, several times woke suddenly from abstract nightmare dream. “I’m so frittened, I’m so fritened”” “it’s belong to me before, but no more now!””next day, I’m sick and weak badly, food no more.
    B. In the night of September 15,2001,about 8’oclock,outside of sports meet place, suddenly I was hit by a wine bottle on the back of my head deadly, later my back with a shirt on was hit by the broken bottle. I lay down on the rodeside hours, I’m going to die. A bright star shining over me, I feel peace, it can never forget that special scene! half of a month, special things visited me, a hurted boy.
    1. It’s the star saved my life from death! my heart often bit crazy lost controlness, shutting my eyes no delay, I stared at star in my eyes , thus my heart bit slowly down to nomal. my life was saved by the star!
    2. It’s God saved my life from death! lying down on the bed sickly, outside a boy riding on a motorcycle call me like my little brother, “elder brother, ge-ge””,without delay, I cry “God save me, God save me!””thus the motercycle ghost boy disappear faraway, I’m safe in the end. God saved my life!
    3. God drove away the ghost crying “wa,wa!””.At my countryside home, I several times heard the ghost crying “wa,wa!””,for that I just cry more loudly like the ghost’s “wa,wa!”, and the voice of the ghost “wa,wa” went away from me! Again my life was saved!
    4. About December, 2004,in my dream, when I was going to get the cup of water, the cup was taken by somebody suddenly, again and again, I was woken by that. the dream itself was not frittened, but later was very terrible! “wa,wa!””the ghosts cried again! my heart bit so fast! No controlness like a nuclear weapon on fire! “God save me! God bless me!””, so good, so great! my heart bit slowly down to nomal, like a car run down to the rive bellow the mount road, and the car fly slowly up back to the road later! my life was saved again!Thank my God!
    I love my God!
    My dear readers, call me!

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