Outrage of the Day

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So, as Ruth Marcus tells us over at the Washington Post, the good folks at Point of Grace Church in Waukee, Iowa, are hanging donation envelopes for Mike Huckabee on the church Christmas tree. I’m sorry … what the? From Marcus’ column: WAUKEE, Iowa-Lori Hommer is threading blue ribbon through contribution envelopes to hang on […]

  • Ted Olsen</span>

    Uh, Kevin, where does the story say they’re hanging donations envelopes for Mike Huckabee? Sounds to me like the envelopes are for year-end giving to Point of Grace Church. I may be wrong, but everything I read in that story suggests to me that the envelopes weren’t for Huckabee.

  • I realize I’ve just stumbled onto this inaccuracy a year late – but thought I would comment anyway. Kevin, I would recommend you get a better informant. As Lead Pastor of Point of Grace we have never and will never endorse a candidate. I realize it’s done in thousands of churches across America – but I have never been a part of it and neither has our church. The envelopes and trees you referred to were donations for single mothers in our congregation and for families whose fathers were in Teen Challenge of the Middlands. A recovery program in the Des Moines area that we firmly believe in. I heard Ruth attended one of our services – I’m surprise she never asked me for a conversation. I’m guessing she would have had much better clarity when writing her article.

    Merry Christmas (we still say that here)

    Jeff Mullen
    Point of Grace Church

  • Commenter

    Thanks for posting this, it proves the religious right’s own lie. They say they don’t want to “interefere” with our lives, they just don’t want gay issues forced down their throats. But if that were true, then why are they reading The Advocate?