Bush Speaking Less About Faith?

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As candidates’ faith increasingly becomes a major story on the presidential campaign trail, the man who has the job they all want has quietly dropped speaking about his own faith, according to the Houston Chronicle’s Julie Mason. Bush is not talking about his faith anymore, Mason writes. Once a central theme to much of his […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    Was it that Bush dropped God, or that God dropped Bush?

    Stephen Hess’ point appears to be: God is irrelevant to most of what Bush says he does. Mark Rozell’s is: Bush no longer relies on God to get things done; he simply uses secular politics. Cal Jellison’s point is: Bush’s God-talk was essentially a campaigning ploy, and is not needed any more.

    I think there are other much more viable explanations.

    One is that Bush changed Bible translations for his daily readings. The new one makes it obvious, even to him, that he actually believes/practices very little of what Jesus or the prophets taught.

    A second possibility is the enormous failure of his God directed invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq has led Bush to reconsider which God he should worship or take orders from. He has settled on a God who doesn’t give any orders at the present time.

    A third possiblity, or variation on the second one, is that the born-again Bush has been reborn once more, and has entered onto a different role-playing gig.

    Since it became obvious a long time ago that Bush knew nothing about the God that Jesus revealed to us, or the God that the Prophets told us about, I had tuned out most of what Bush had to say. The Spirit of Truth is an utter stranger to Bush; so, clearly, the God he invoked was not the God of Isaiah, Amos, Hosea, Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul, or James–as spelled out in the Christian’s Bible.