Minnesota and the Sinful Six

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Six states has positively sinful tax policies, according to a business and law professor at the University of Alabama Law School. According to this NY Times story, Professor Susan Pace Hamill, who has a divinity degree in addition to her secular credentials, has penned a book, “As Certain as Death” that seeks to document how […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    Professor Hamill is doing an outstanding job. It is a courageous task to confront those who proudly proclaim that they believe in the Bible as the literal Word of God and call their bluff.

    What the Bible says about economic matters, about rigged economic policies that exploit the poor, about systemic injustices in the laws to favor the rich and powerful if quite clear and explicit. The prophet explicitly condemned that behavior as violations of YHWH’s commands, and as prime reasons for YHWH’s abandonment of what had been His people to conquest by others.

    Jesus too was clear about the insignificant role that accumulating and retaining money was to play for those who really followed him and the gospel.

    So this research confronts the hypocrisy of the self-professed Bible believers with the facts of how they structure our economic lives. They are very far from consistent.

    If these “Christians” and “Jews” were serious about following their scriptures they would demand that anyone they vote to put in (or retain in) office change the tax structure of their states to conform to the Biblical mandates–even when it means they would have to pay their fair share of the taxes for a change.