Calling all Religious

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Lisa Lerer’s piece, “Religious voters flock to Huckabee,” in yesterday’s Politico looks at the faith-based support for Huckabee in New Hampshire going beyond the evangelical. The problem is that, by the demographics, there isn’t all that much available to him. But I’d add a caveat. My information is that Huck has spent a lot more time in NH than the media has generally recognized, and a good deal of it early on was in closed-door confabs with the Granite State’s modest but not insignificant evangelical community. Is it possible that a disproportionate number of them will turn out for him, bumping his numbers up from a distant also-ran third-place finish to, say, a more than respectable 20 percent showing? If McCain and Romney fight each other to a draw in the neighborhood of 30 percent each, that might make Huck the GOP’s NH story. I’m not holding my breath, but stranger things have happened.
P.S. For Huckabee doing the evangelical church thing Sunday in NH, see here.