Civility’s Ordeal

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In making a case for Huckabee’s electability, Tim Lee writes:

I think a lot of members of the liberal (and libertarian) secular elite have a weird blind spot when it comes to religion and religious rhetoric in politics. They tend to find sincere religious sentiments so alien that anyone who is conversant with the language of faith sounds nutty to them. But like it or not, this is still a predominantly religious country, and lots of voters respond well to religious rhetoric of the non-angry variety.

What I’ve not seen from Huck, however, is an ability, when he speaks about religion, to go beyond 1) not sounding like an angry evangelical culture warrior; and 2) deflecting questions about his specific convictions. Can he sound the inclusive civil religious notes that would-be presidents must? It’s hard to imagine that he can’t, but so far he’s stayed away.