Muslims and Jews?

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The Republican campaign story in today’s Greenville News leads with Huckabee denying his campaign is about religion after preaching at two services at a North Spartanburg megachurch. Distinguishing what he may believe about who gets into heaven from whom he can work with here on earth he pointed to his own campaign.

He said he has Muslims, Jews and people with other religious backgrounds who disagree with his theology on his campaign staff, and that doesn’t hinder him from having a good working relationship with them.

Who are those guys?

  • Asinus Gravis

    The story makes it look like Huckabee thinks religion has to do exclusively with who gets to heaven. That sounds a lot more like Islam than it does Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions.
    The key note in all these religions is how we live our lives day by day, how we treat the people around us.
    In the case of the religion that Jesus taught, it is about how we treat “the least of these”–i.e, the poor, the sick, the aliens, the prisoners. One might expect that a Baptist minister might be familiar with that, along with the Sermon on the Mount.