Huck Meets the Constitution

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I’m afraid this is must-see TV. Reactions all over the place, but this, from National Review‘s Lisa Schiffren, is of particular note.

What about rendering unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s, and unto God that which is God’s? Mike Huckabee is going to force those of us who have wanted more religion in the town square to reexamine the merits of strict separation of church and state. He is the best advertisement ever for the ACLU. Even if you share his ultimate views on the definition of marriage, or the desirability of abortion on demand.

Between the Romney and the Huckabee candidacies, establishment conservatives are indeed being forced to rethink their facile assaults on the putatively naked public square. Somewhere the framers are smiling.

  • Asinus Gravis

    Huckabee needs a primer on the First Amendment. He is proposing violating it. He may even privately be in favor of abolishing it.
    What colossal arrogance to pretend that he knows what the word of the “living God” is concerning what the laws of the U.S.A. should be. Even assuming that he thinks he is getting his information about that out of the Christian’s Bible, he can’t be so stupid as not to know that there are widely varying interpretations of what the Bible teaches about: abortion, immigration, war, health care, death penalty, etc. In part, that is because in some of those matters it is essentially silent, such as on abortion. On others, one gets mixed messages, such as on war.
    One can’t help but wonder what Huckabee’s enthusiastic supporters would think of a candidate who alludes to “the word of the living God”–the Qur’an–as the determiner of what should be said in our constitution.
    Advocates of Sharia Law are as plausible as are Reconstructionists who advocate incorporating the Commandments of the Bible into our Constitution.
    A sensible, informed, electorate should reject both for the same reasons.

  • JH

    A couple of notes. Yes I am a Huckabee supporter. It is a shame that is not viewed in context. He was in the main talking about the human right to life amendment. Which is a part of the Party platform.
    If Huckabee was taling to a Catholic audience he would be saying things like “natural law” and “culture of Life”.
    THe reporting on this has been horrible. It would have been very interesting if the media had compared what he said here to his remarks on Prayer in public schools. I was shocked he was so brave and especially from a SOuthern Baptist Minister. But he is quite open he is against it. He thinks the state has no business teaching kids to pray etc. Again his view is more sophisticated yet we the media did not go into it
    As to the National Review they are so anti Huckabee they will say anything. THey have a wonderful habit of being attack dogs and thinking we shall have amnesia 6 months later
    Schiffren and Lopez are the worst offender. For instance they say Huckabee is about Class warfare. BUt boy did they raise the rabble against Wall Street and big business and the such on the immigration battle. Again such a double standard

  • Asinus Gravis

    Huckabee’s interview in which he tries to clear up this matter on Beliefnet today manages to compound the nonsense of his thinking on these issues.
    He displays gross ignorance of the Bible he wants written into the Constitution, supposing it offers a definition of marriage, and a clear position on abortion. What it does say on the topics is not consistent with Huckabee’s views.
    Meanwhile Huckabee explicits advocates precisely the opposite of what the Bible does clearly address about how we should be treating aliens (strangers, sojourners)–i.e. immigrants of all kinds. From the Torah through the New Testament the message is clear: we are to treat them like we treat our fellow citizens; we are nor to abuse them or oppress them or harass them. It was a make or break issue for the survival of Judah and Israel according to Isaiah and Jeremiah!
    A lot more could be said pointing out his Biblical ignorance, his historical ignorance, his constitutional ignorance, his logical ignorance.
    Perhaps he realizes that many of the voter he seeks to attract are not all that keen on the Truth anyway.