• Christian

    I don’t agree that the bigotry of the lunatic fringe right and the opportunistic hatefulness of the mainstream leftist press translates to general nationwide dislike of mormons.
    The leftist press, realizing that Romney was the strongest Republican candidate in a post-Goodridge election, whipped up fear and hatred against us that simply wasn’t there before the election. Consider Jacob Weisberg’s article in Slate, or Damon Linker’s incredibly hateful piece in the New Republic, which essentially painted us like sleeper agents ready at a moment’s notice to wreak havoc on the USA at some unknown future prophet’s command.
    The anti-mormon blitz early in the campaign came nearly entirely from the mainstream leftist press. This was simple political opportunism in order to defeat the strongest candidate with the convictions to defend the idea of marriage. If Romney hadn’t been so outspoken in defense of marriage as Governor of Massachussetts, MSNBC and company never would have engaged in the anti-mormon blitz.