The Catholic Vote

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While the archbishop of San Antonio expresses dismay that St. Mary’s University would allow Hillary Clinton to hold a rally on campus, Barack Obama is retooling his message for blue-collar workers in heavily Catholic Wisconsin. Looking down the road to November, conservative legal scholar Douglas Kmiec is smitten, as a Catholic, with Obama over McCain. No question, Catholics are displacing evangelicals as the religious gang to keep an eye on at this point in the campaign.

  • CMac

    On the Kmiec article in Slate…while the majority of Catholics often do go with the Presidential winner, aren’t they often pretty nearly split on their choice?
    One other note on Kmiec: how did I blink and miss “that rare gift of empathy that defined Reagan.”…

  • Paul Moses

    I don’t know if I would call Romney’s speech on religion a “tour de force,” as Douglas Kmiec did, but I think he is correct in saying Obama’s message will resonate with many Catholic voters – once it truly becomes known, that is. I’d summarize Obama’s message with the the word “solidarity” – an appeal to community.