Whence Evangelicals

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A good piece by Dan Gilgoff in today’s USA Today on how evangelicals’ inability to get behind Mitt Romney saddled them with John McCain. Of particular interest are the remarks by Nancy French, founder of the Evangelicals for Mitt website.
UPDATE: Jill Zuckman of the Chicago Tribune echoes the frustrations conservatives and Romneyites have with McCain. In Colorado, Zuckman interviewed self identified “Catholic evangelical” Betty Schuh who delievered the money quote on McCain: “He’s not pro-life enough for me.”

  • Asinus Gravis

    Neither McCain, nor Huckabee, nor Romney, nor any of the other Republican candidates was committed to a consistent sanctity of life view.
    All, but Paul, supported the War on Iraq. Most, if not all, supported the use of the Death Penalty, all were opposed to universal health care. Not a one of them was thus pro-life; they were simply more or less anti-abortion–as if that were the only issue in which life is at stake!
    The Democratic candidates are all a lot closer to honoring a consistent ethic of life position than any of the Republicans.