The Washington Times Joins the 21st Century

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My last real rant in this space was about the Washington Times policy to use “scare quotes” around terms like “gay marriage” or “homosexual”, as if putting them in quotes made them seem less real, more contrived. The Washington CityPaper (our local indy weekly) is reporting that new Washington Times editor John Solomon is putting […]

  • Steve

    I can agree with the removal of square quotes and references to Clinton.

    As for the other ones, however, they’re more about feelings than reality. Homosexual and illegal alien have negative connotations, and that’s why people don’t like those terms, though they are accurate.

    Calling someone gay or lesbian, essentially, makes them feel better than does calling them homosexual. The same with illegal aliens.

    I’m not going to use terms that serve no other purpose than to help people feel better about themselves. If a guy is okay with being called gay, but not homosexual, then it sounds to me like he isn’t really all that secure in his identity to begin with.