The Complainant

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James Hutchins, the complainant in the IRS investigation of the United Church of Christ, has written in to suggest that I based my earlier remarks on the UCC press release, not the complaint itself. Actually, I based them on the Hartford Courant story and the IRS letter. I don’t think I’d say anything different based on what the complaint says, but you can judge for yourself if I’ve been too gentle with Connecticut’s quondam Standing Order.
Hutchins has also sent another comment to correct my account of his role in the Courant story. Assuming there are readers of this blog who do not go back and check comments, let me post the correction here as well.

I was just emailed a link to this blog. You’ve got your facts a little mixed up here and since I’m the guy you are talking about, I’ll set the record straight.
I didn’t leak anything to the Courant and did not speak to the Courant before this article appeared. As I understand it, Barry Lynn referenced me and the web site in an interview he did which is how I got linked into the article.
Also… While I can understand how on a brief review of the site you might conclude that UCCtruths is a “conservative watchdog blog”, it really is not. I do not promote any form of politics on the site. On the UCCtruths message board, I regularly get grief from the theological conservatives of the UCC that I am not conservative. By intent, I try to keep my politics and theology out of my criticism of UCC leaders.

Additional correction:Hutchins says he’s not the complainant. He just posted the complaint (with the name blacked out) on his website.