Will The Real Imperials Please Stand Up?

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Christianity Today.com has reported that the Imperials, a popular Christian music group that dates to the 1960s, is embroiled in a lawsuit over its name. Through some digging – including obtaining a copy of a 2005 trademark agreement – the online magazine has discovered a “complex legal battle” between group co-founder Armond Morales and a […]

  • John C. “Dusty” Hansard

    You should be aware of The following:

    Armond Morales and MOSH Group, Inc. agree to settlement of legal dispute
    Armond Morales and MOSH Group, Inc. (also known as The Imperials) are pleased to announce that they have agreed to terms that will settle their legal dispute. Mr. Morales has affirmed that he did indeed transfer his rights in and to The Imperials over to MOSH Group, Inc. in March 2005 and MOSH Group has agreed to drop the remainder of its lawsuit.

    Shannon Smith, of MOSH Group said, “As is often the case in these situations, there had been much miscommunication over the life of this dispute. Recently Mr. Morales and MOSH made a renewed attempt to cut through the misunderstandings and find a resolution to our disagreement. We definitely have always wanted to find common ground and we were able to do that by humbling ourselves and making another attempt to understand each other. We publicly apologize for the hurt and pain we have caused the Morales’ and we apologize to anyone that we’ve offended or if we’ve in any way brought reproach to the cause of Christ. We humbly ask for the forgiveness of any and all whom we’ve offended. We believe that our message to the world is not necessarily that Christians never disagree, never make mistakes or even sin; rather our message is of a God who heals, restores and loves unconditionally. Our prayer is that all of us can concentrate more fully on spreading that message. We love and appreciate Armond and Bonnie Morales and we wish them the best as they follow God’s leading on their life. We ask for the prayers of the body of Christ.”

    Armond Morales said: “I’m extremely thankful that an agreement has been reached to end this lawsuit. It’s been a difficult and trying time for Bonnie and myself. I’ve never wanted the MOSH Group not to succeed so we wish them well as they move forward towards their destiny and what God has for them.”

    In responding to his father’s previously released open letter, Jason Morales said, “I love my parents deeply and I know that the public will understand the desire to resolve our family issues privately. I know that both my parents and I will appreciate your prayers and love.”

    Due to the above settlement there are two groups-The Imperials (theimperials.com) and The Classic Imperials (the classicimperials.com)

    I am not sure about the future legal status of the third group which is made up of three FORMER MEMBERS of The Imperials. They simply follow the Elvis concerts and have no “ministry” value to speak of, in my opinion.

    John C. “Dusty Hansard
    Friona, Texas