I have great respect for that whore

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WhoreBab.jpgJohn Hagee has sent the following statement to CBN’s David Brody denying that he’s anti-Catholic.

I have always had great love for Catholic people and great respect for the Catholic Church. My wife comes from a Catholic family and millions of my viewers are Catholics. I am shocked and saddened to learn of the mischaracterization of my views on Catholics that has spread while I spent the weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of my entry into the ministry with family and friends.
Throughout my career I have been a strong critic of Christian anti-Semitism. But any fair review of my record will demonstrate that I have consistently criticized all Christians – Protestant and Catholic alike – for the sin of anti-Semitism. In fact I rarely address this topic without castigating the founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther, for the horrendous anti-Semitism he spouted towards the end of his career. It is a bitter irony that in my zeal to hold my fellow Christians accountable for our past anti-Semitism, I now find myself compared to an anti-Semite.
To call me “anti-Catholic” makes about as much sense as calling me “anti-Protestant.” I am, most assuredly, neither.

In the age of YouTube, when anyone can click on this, such a denial doesn’t quite cut it.

  • Asinus Gravis

    That surely makes it appear that Hagee is not only a bigot, but also a liar.
    It makes McCain look rather desperate not to repudiate this load of baggage.
    That Hagee has switched his allegiance from Huckabee to McCain is readily understandable as an effort to line up at the federal trough.
    But what does McCain hope to get out of this yoke with the lying bigot?