Hagee Says He’s No More Anti-Catholic Than Anti-Protestant

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San Antonio pastor and John McCain endorser John Hagee has sent a statement to Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File to say he’s not anti-Catholic, adding that his wife has Catholic roots and “millions” of his viewers are Catholic. “To call me ‘anti-Catholic’ makes about as much sense as calling me ‘anti-Protestant,'” Hagee declared. “I […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    In view of what Hagee has written about the Catholic church, and what he has said that is on record and on the internet, this statement is a bald faced lie.

    So Hagee comes off as both a bigot and a liar. He is also an incredibly inept Bible scholar and/or interpreter.

    The real question is what is in this for McCain?

    It is clear that Hagee is always out for all the publicity he can garner–that turns into money for him. In this case he appears to also be lining up at the Federal trough–for even more money.