Bullet dodged

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AdamandEve.jpgWhile the eyes of Texas (and the rest of the nation) were upon Clinton and Obama, a Cleburne urologist named Barney Maddox was spending a lot of money on fancy mailings to try to oust incumbent Pat Hardy as the GOP candidate for the District 11 seat on the Texas state school board. Given the absence of a Democratic opponent, that would have effectively gotten him elected.
And my point is? Maddox’s educational concerns, as noted by Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow, extend to the following bold declaration in one of the mailings:

Barney Maddox believes social studies textbooks should devote more space to American presidents than Marilyn Monroe and that the vicious attack of 9-11 should be portrayed as an aggressive act by terrorists, not an American conspiracy.

More, ah, controversially, Maddox is a fervent anti-evolutionist whose election would give the seven social conservatives currently on the board the eight votes they need to try to incorporate Creationism into the Texas public school curriculum. On Tuesday, the voters in District 11 seem to to have headed that eventuality off at the pass. And the Texas educational establishment exhaled.

  • Is that a picture from Ken Ham’s creation museum? Anyway, thanks for the link, I’ve been writing a paper on degrees of creationism for my stats class and haven’t been able to follow the news of the Texas SBOE election.

  • Mark Silk

    Yes it is.