Another Pastor for McCain

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Parsley.jpgIn Mother Jones, David Corn calls attention to another McCain-supporting megachurch pastor whose animadversions against another religion might oughta be problematic for the GOP standard bearer-apparent. This time it’s Rod Parsley of Columbus, Ohio, and Islam is the religion he’s got a problem with. As in, that Islam is a “false religion” that should be eradicated. Given McCain’s preoccupation with the long war against radical Islam, this is an evangelical bedfellow, unlike John Hagee, whose beliefs might plausibly be considered aligned with the Arizona senator’s convictions. How long will another semi-renunciation take?

  • Asinus Gravis

    Rod Parsley is another Religious Right political hack with a thin veneer of religiosity.
    He is a chief priest in the religion of elect Republicans to all levels of public office.
    The IRS should continue to watch him like a hawk, as he continues his campaign to enlist Christian pastors in the use of their churches in the effort to elect Republicans to office.
    McCain sure knows how to choose ’em in his suck up campaign for the social conservatives’ votes.