Two Martins

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Marty.jpg Peretz.jpgIn the public intellectual department, gray eminences are pretty few and far between these days, but two of them, Martin Marty and Martin Peretz have weighed in on the Obama/Wright affair, both in the cause of the defense. In the Chronicle of Higher Education, Marty paints a sympathetic portrait of Wright, his former student at the University of Chicago Divinity School. Peretz, from his New Republic home, brings his own shul-going experience to bear on the Obama-Wright relationship. Amidst all the hollering, I haven’t seen any brief for the prosecution of similar thoughtfulness and gravitas. Does such exist?

  • Ronald Kiener

    Just as HRC stubborn refusal to admit a mistake and issue an apology for her Iraq war vote hurts her to this day, BHO’s stubborn refusal to disavow and move on from his pastor hurts him every day. The more revelations we get from the TUCC archives, the worse it will get.

  • Mark Silk

    Not sure what your evidence for this is, Ron. Today’s Pew poll suggests otherwise.