Interview with head of UCC Part II

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Here’ s Part II of my interview with the Rev. John Thomas, who heads the United Church of Christ, a denomination that’s been deeply involved (willingly or not, for good or ill) in the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama. Q: I read that UCC Trinity (Obama’s and Wright’s congregation) had sent something like 50 […]

  • Anonymous

    The more America is learning about Senator Obama and his pastor, the less favorable the UCC appears and the less electable Obama becomes. It seems as if Rev. Thomas is in such a state of denial about this growing reality that he actually thinks this calamity is an opportunity to tell the UCC story. This certainly may be a kairos moment, but not the kind the UCC will welcome in hindsight.
    First, Obama has already gone on record as stating that he would left Trinity UCC had Rev. Wright not retired. In other words, for self-serving political reasons, he basically forced his pastor into early retirement. In fact, Obama achieved what no white supremacist could ever achieve: the silencing of Rev. Wright. Secondly, Obama’s partisan speech at the UCC Synod has clearly jeopardized its tax-exempt status. If Obama is a good representative of the UCC legacy, then that legacy is more than problematic. How is active supression of the vote in Michigan and Florida representative of a progressive legacy? So far, the Obama-UCC connection has benefitted the politician, but where is the benefit to the church? You may wish to revisit that question after the ongoing fallout of membership withdrawals takes its course. Without Obama that membership loss would never have occured. His UCC membership seems, even at this point, to be more of a curse than a blessing for the UCC as his candidacy is for the Democratic Party.

  • Asinus Gravis

    Anon appears to just make things up as she/he goes. About all that comes through clearly is a keen dislike for Senator Obama and the UCC.

    Since Rev. Wright’s retirement was planned and announced a year ago–before Obama began his campaign for the nomination–Obama did not “force his pastor into early retirement.”

    Obama did not give a “partisan speech” at the UCC Synod, as Rev. Thomas pointed out. The investigation concerns non-speech activities at the time of the speech.

    As uninformed as the general public is regarding Rev. Wright’s sermons, they still see things there much more clearly than Anon. It has not adversely affected Obama’s electability–ac cording to the poll results.

    Anon has provided us an uninformed venemous rant, that distorts every topic it touches.