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Tara Wall hopes that whoever prevails today and in November they will sustain the White House Office of Faith Based Community Initiatives. Wall’s editorial today is part of a quiet discourse about government sponsored religion that hasn’t received as much ink as the candidates’ personal faith. News Wire Subscribers: This article is not available for […]

  • Asinus Gravis

    This editorial is either uninformed, or deliberately distorts the entire substance of what it discusses.
    1. It misconstrues Obama’s comment and misrepresents what the polls show about its political effect.
    2. Contrary to what is implied, the current President does not understand the “role faith plays with the American people and in public life.” He has deliberately worked to undermine the separation of church and state as protected by the First Amendment and honored in our traditions.
    3. The American people were fooled by GWB. Voting for him did not “ensure that religious freedom would be protected.” What (if anything got protected along that line) was the religious freedom of the Religious Right. Those of a different faith have been betrayed by his administration.
    4. GWB may well have acted according to his personal beliefs, but they are not the beliefs of Judaism or Christianity. He has ignored the “moral compass” handed out by Jesus of Nazareth in the gospels.
    5. The non-legislated “faith-based initiatives” is a violation of religious freedom. It uses taxpayer money to proselytize for fundamentalist version of Christianity. It supports activities that Christian citizens are not willing to freely support with their own money. That is not “religious freedom.”