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Obama Casey.jpgDoes Barack Obama have a Catholic, as opposed to a white Christian problem? In Pennsylvania yesterday, the answer was yes. Where white Protestants went for Clinton by 58 percent to 42 percent, white Catholics split 71-29 in her favor. That’s the worst showing Obama’s gotten among that group of voters anywhere in the nation, not excluding New York. In Ohio (so often compared to Pennsylvania), Obama actually did better among white Catholics (34-65) than among white Protestants (30-67). What gives? Pennsylvania’s white Catholics are, I think, more working class, more classic Reagan Democrat. Pennsylvania’s white Protestants comprise many fewer evangelicals, and a lot more moderate-to-liberal suburbanites.
Jews went for Clinton, but by a smaller margin than white Protestants. Unaccountably, all Jews were slightly more pro-Clinton (57-43) than white Jews (56-44). As usual, those of non-Judeo-Christian faiths and of no religion went strongly for Obama. But the big religion story of the primary was the overwhelming Catholic support for Clinton–and the utter failure of popular Catholic pro-life governor Bob Casey, Jr. to move his co-religionists in the direction of his favored candidate.

  • In a Polarizing Election, Clinton Wins In Rural Pennsylvania

    Barack Obama by ten points statewide, 55 percent to 45 percent. The race was much tighter in Pennsylvania’s urban counties, where Clinton won by just four points, 52 percent to 48 percent. In the state’s 46 rural and exurban counties, …

  • E. Biggerstaff

    Truthfully, no Catholic in the U.S. should cast a vote for either Clinton or Obama since both advocate and promote policies that not only contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church but serve to undermine and destroy the souls and lives of countless children, women and African-Americans.
    With that said, Obama may have done so poorly with the Catholic vote in Pennsylvania because of his associations with extreme radicals as well as his far left voting record as a senator.

  • It shocked me as a Christian from a conservative traditional mainline church that after Hillary’s comments to use nukes that Pennsylvanians would vote for her. How many commandments were broken with that one line alone! Obama more stands for Christ’s message of reconciliation and working together as one to solve this world’s challenges.