Obama’s pastor defends against an “attack on the black church”

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c. 2008 Religion News Service WASHINGTON _ The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former pastor to presidential candidate Barack Obama, said Monday (April 28) that recent media focus on his sermons is an “attack on the black church.” Asked at a National Press Club appearance about why he was speaking out when it could be a detriment […]

  • joe arthur

    This is not an unbiased article as your title of your site suggests.Attack on Black church headline is an attempt to perpetuate Rev. Wright’s separatist agenda.That is what he wants ignorant black folks to believe, you’re helping him.

  • Ryan New York

    Does not the bible says: no flesh will glory in the presance of God.
    So what is the deal with a “Black Church” or white church for that matter. Are not the children of God through Jesus Christ Born of the Spirit, so why are people using the bible to gather in the flesh?It’s been said that the angels will separate the goats for the sheep. the tares from the…etc.
    I guess Rev. Jeremiah Wright is beating them to it. Now we at least know who is born of the spirit and who is still of the flesh. who is the goat and who is the Lord sheep. They think the follow him to Jesus Christ, no the follow him away from the Lord.

  • What a gift to this ecumenical order of War Widows to have, finally, Black Liberation Theology before the collective consciousness. What a gift of Christ to our Veterans Incarcerated – most of whom are African American suffering from untreated combat PTSD – now they have a Chaplain finally – living John l4:12 “Greater works will you (Rev. Wright) do than I for I go to My Father” healing Hebrews 6:6 “We crucify Christ (Veterans Incarcerated with untreated PTSD) afresh and put Christ to an open shame.”The War Widows
    Veterans Incarcerated Chamber of Commerce training to be business owners upon release Public Law 106-50