Religious Politicking Hotting Up

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The Catholic League, doing Republican wet work, takes after Obama’s Catholic advisory board according to the criterion that only Catholics who oppose abortion and stem cell research and oppose school vouchers are true Catholics. In other words, Bob Casey, Jr. (pro-life, anti-stem cell research, anti-school voucher) doesn’t count.
Kirbyjon Caldwell.jpgMeanwhile, on insidecatholic Deal Hudson has got hold of a letter from Mara Vanderslice, who’s heading the pro-Obama Matthew 25 project. It seems that she’s whomping up an ad for Indiana newspapers (as many as they can pay for) that will feature religious leaders telling Obama that America needs his leadership. (That’s, like, an endorsement, get it?) Helping Vanderslice organize the ad is Kirbyjon Caldwell, the black United Methodist megachurch pastor from Houston who introduced George W. Bush at his 2000 inaugural but in January of this year announced his support for Obama.
It will be interesting to see what kind of enthusiasm this elicits from black pastors, who (as outlined in Campbell Brown’s excellent piece in today’s New York Times, tend to be much more supportive of Jeremiah Wright than their parishioners.
Update: Whoops! insidecatholic seems to have taken Hudson’s post down.
Later Update: God-o-Meter’s got the Obama camp’s response to Donohue.
Still Later Update: Here’s the cached version of Hudson’s post.