Fact of the Night

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In West Virginia, Obama did better with Catholics–white Catholics–(45 percent) than he did with any other demographic, secular or religious, including voters aged 18-24 (38 percent), and including those with no religion (34 percent). Figure that sucker out. (For the record, there are not enough African Americans in the state to register on an exit poll.)
Morning Update: Altogether, Catholics constitute less than six percent of the WV population, but represented eight percent of Democratic primary voters. Their greatest concentration is up in the panhandle, where WV is squeezed between PA and OH. Ohio County, where Wheeling is located, is nearly 40 percent Catholic–by far the largest Catholic concentration in the state. There, Clinton won by a 58-36 margin, 19 percentage points less than her 67-26 spread statewide. So apparently it’s the old Catholic steelworker families that were the base of such support as Obama got in the Mountain State. (Clinton got just 52 percent of the Catholic vote.)