Evangelicals launch campaign against global warming ‘alarmism’

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WASHINGTON-Evangelical leaders who reject arguments that climate change is human-induced but are nevertheless concerned about the environment are trying to gather 1 million signatures of people who agree with them.

  • William Badke

    As an evangelical, I am dismayed that fellow evangelicals are still debating the global warming issue. Are they motivated by a false conception that environmentalists are extremists and devotees of new age philosophies? Are they guided by financial fears (i.e. Why spend all that money to fix it when the world is going to be destroyed anyway)? Are they simply conservative?

    Let me pose an alternative – Given the overwhelming scientific evidence, even if science were to be wrong, why would it not be in our best interests to create an environmentally sustainable earth? Christ may not return this decade or even this century. Why would we want to put the brakes on a movement that is simply trying to allow our children to live as healthy adults on this earth.