From Nairobi slums, the `Apostle’ draws a crowd

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c. 2008 Religion News Service NAIROBI, Kenya _ Before he became a pastor, Duncan Miano would not have predicted this recent Sunday-morning drive to church. His wife should be long gone, he says, because about 12 years ago he was cheating on her. The children in the back seat shouldn’t even exist because he was […]

  • I personally visited Neno Evangelism Centre in February of this year. I also personally met Apostle Nganga and Pastor Duncan and family. They are truly men of God who wholeheartedly serve, worship and believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Holy Bible says that when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, then these signs shall follow us. We shall heal, cast out devils, and raise the dead. Apostle Nganga is only doing what every believer in Jesus Christ should be doing. These men of God have been persuaded to believe the word of the living God. I, too, have gone through many hard situations in my life time and have and am learning to trust in the Lord. I also have learned that what God can do, no man can do. For I can do all things,through Jesus Christ, who gives me power.Mrs. Terry B. King
    The Children’s Mite

  • Noeli Laizer

    Once upon a time when I was at Nairobi i used to go to the Neno evangilism.Really the hand of God is with Pastor James Maina Ng!ang!a.Myself normally Iam thinking to be an active member at Neno evangelism center.