9/11 families sue for right to religious burials

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c. 2008 Religion News Service NEW YORK _ After the memorial Mass on Oct. 26, 2001, for her son Christian, a probationary firefighter who died in the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Sally Regenhard didn’t proceed to a cemetery. There was no cemetery because there was no body. Christian’s remains were never […]

  • I completely agree with these 9/11 Families for Proper Burial of 9/11 Victims. We as citizens of the U.S. each went thru a terrible experience on that day but we have been able to move on. All you have to do is unexpecidally see a film of the airpline hitting the building to reexperience the horror. How would we feel if one of our dear ones was in one of those buildings? And than not to have a place, like a cemetery, where we could go to remember them. The new buildings will be a very public and commercial place.
    Central Park would have an appropriate place to bury some of the dirt and put up a monument to these people who were killed by terrorists. Can’t we have some compassion for these wives,fathers, Mothers, husbands, sisters, brothers, relatives and friends, who have suffered so much because they were Citizens of the United States? Janice

  • 9/11 Widow

    I would like to thank Janice Brown for her compassionate post and outreach to 9/11 family members. As a family member, I have supported WTCFFPB from its beginning; I have not recovered any remain’s of my husband. Although I support this organization, I do agree with Judge Hellerstein’s preliminary view of the case where he that the City of New York has not clearly violated any constitutional rights of 9/11 family members in the instance of Fresh Kills. Further,I have never felt that any possible discovery of remains or fines that may be at the Fresh Kills location should be returned to the site of the proposed Memorial at the former World Trade Center site. In the early months after 9/11, I purchased a plot at our local cemetary despite the fact that I have no physical remains of my husband. What I do have is the memory of his life and it has been marked by those who love him for posterity. I always felt that it was each individual’s responsibility to do this, not the City of New York’s responsibility. I carried forward with the same thinking of those family members who recovered remains from the tragedy and still hold out hope that if any are found, I have a place to respectfully lay them to rest with dignity and in love. He will always be remembered, unlike Ms. Regenhard’s thinking that those who have not been found will be forgotten if the City of New York doesn’t step up to the plate. Maybe it is time for her to step up to the plate.

  • I do not think it would be such a terrible hardship for the city, with federal help to find a respectful and suitable place for burying the ashes from the WTC. While, considering the circumstances, nobody is to blame and the effort by many to properly recover remains was admirable and greatly appreciated, somebody should have thought of that from the start of the recovery effort.The city has given billions to well connected financial firms to move in the vicinity of ground zero and for ill concieved rebuilding plans; a fraction of that to go for this worthy purpose should not have been impossible. I believe it has been the general failure of vision, appreciation and understanding and leadership by our elected officials that has led to so much of the difficulty in commemorating 9/11 and rebuilding the site.

  • Sally Asaro

    I Sally Asaro stand by Sally Regenhard, Diane Horning, and WTC Families for Proper Burial. I Pray every day for word of my Brothers remains. Maybe some of us need closure to get on with life. The memories of September 11th 2001 are very fresh in my mind and always will be. I do not believe that our Goverment and City could leave any part of a land fill unturned and forgotten. These are people who gave their lives to save others. Is rebuilding soo important that 1100 people don’t deserve a proper BURIAL?
    Sally Asaro in Memory of Carl F. Asaro FDNY