Diaries shed light on unlikely would-be U.S. saint

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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) It’s a sunny Sunday in 1938, and Dorothy Day is feeling less than saintly. Flies swarm around piles of garbage as “hopeless human beings” _ the drunks and the insane who visit the Catholic Worker house in Pittsburgh for food and shelter _ surround and oppress her. In her […]

  • Glenn Dallaire

    I pray that Dorothy Day may soon be canonised a Saint. Her struggles with caring for the less fortunate is truly inspirational. Throughout her life, she teaches us how to love, especially those who are hard to love. She teaches us how to love others out of love for God.
    Dorothy Day, Servant of God, pray for us!

  • Aunt Raven

    Women suffering the life-long after-effects of abortion need a role-model to show that sainthood is possible to anyone, no matter what’s in their past. On that account, Dorothy’s canonization is necessary and timely.

  • dolores

    I question the political motivations of canonization of Dorothy Day. Where is the proof (miracles, etc.?) Did anyone mention that she was a socialist – not sure but that is what I heard. Yes, she tried to do the best she could with her life and I commend her but I feel that because of the politics (pacifism when tyrants massacare innocents) she espoused it is hard for me to get behind that. Saints don’t necessarily engage the times they live in without standing up against evil with force when necessary to defend life. Think about it.

  • magdalen

    I agree with the holiness of Dorothy Day. What an incredible penitent she was! And she so lvoed the Church! She gave up the man she loved for the faith and then the daily persistance in her serving and in her faith (daily Mass for example) is something to emulate.Dissenters hold her up as an example but she was no dissenter from the truths and teachings of the faith.I do believe that I read that her only daughter and even her grandchildren left the church and that would have been a terrible cross for her. I am not positive on that though.Yes, Dorothy Day is a saint. And an inspiration for all us sinners who come to repentance and wish to seek holiness in our lives too.

  • Delores

    Remember well the following, taken from an article on http://www.catholicmil.org in which Fulton Sheen said:…the principles of immutable justice, the rejection of which brought you into war.” Whether or not the nations will accept those principles as the foundation upon which they will reconstruct a just international order, remains to be seen. But they can be sure of this: IF they continue to exile morality and justice in the next post-war generation as they did in the last, they will only prepare for another dirty mess wherein new-fangled tyrannies and apostate democracies by progressive demoralization will outbid one another in the surrender of the last vestige of Christianity. The danger is that as this war goes on, men will consider peace only as a cessation of hostilities rather than the product of justice, just as presently they think freedom is the absence of law rather than the environment of duty. The mistake the world makes is to think that peace is something directly sought. It is not. Rather, peace is indirectly achieved. It is a by-product, like bloom on a cheek. First you have health, then you have the glorious bloom. In like manner, first you have justice, then you have peace. But to seek peace without justice is only to put rouge on the international cheeks- and the first good rain storm of selfishness will wash it away. It is not peace we must work toward- as if peace were something static like a tree- or the maintenance of the status quo, or the preservation of the present division of wealth. Peace is not a passive but an active condition. It is balance in movement; the tranquility of order. For that reason, Our Lord never said: “Blessed are the peaceful”, but “Blessed are the peacemakers” (Matt 5:9).

  • Dolores

    Paragraph 2310 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church states”Those who are sworn to serve their country in the armed forces are servants of the security and freedom of nations. If they carry out their duty honorably, they truly contribute to the common good of the nation and the maintenance of peace.”

  • Darlene

    Dorothy Day please pray for me to be unselfish and give unending compassion to others as you did. Thank you.

  • Brenda

    I don’t know if Dorothy Day was a saint or not. I think our definition of “saint” has become rather loose in the last few years. If you compare her to say, Father Solanus Cayce, you clearly see heaven working miraculously in his life, and you do see a contrast. As one writer said, where are the miracles? Where is the evidence of heaven’s special favor? I think she became an honorable woman who rightly sought penitence (as we all should, especially if we know about Medjugorje), and perhaps was merely righting previous errors in her life. I don’t really know. I know nothing of her. However, St. Faustina said, “It is never too late to become a great saint.” With those words, perhaps Dorothy Day did become a saint. She certainly gave her life in admirable service after a certain point.
    As for pacifism, would you say that Jesus was a pacifist? I don’t know. At the same time, it was Jesus Himself who said that if the householder knew at what time the thief was coming to break in to his home, he would be up and waiting for him. This is a clear statement of self defense as a legitimate act. I’ve never killed anyone, and I hope I never have to, but I defend our soldiers who do go out and fight in defense of our country, or a man who defends the ones he loves from an assailant or anything like that. But to go into someone else’s home in order to harm them for what you THINK might be true is just vigilante action, and usually an attack against the wrong person anyway. As Bishop Sheen said, there has to be a rule of law or society devolves into chaos. If you have ever played the game of gossip, then you know how easy it is to get things completely wrong. And that’s not even taking into consideration those who deliberately play con games or deliberately deceive others. As someone famously said to me right before beginning a harassment campaign, “It’s not who you REALLY are that matters; it’s who people THINK you are that matters!” If society does not understand the difference between fact and fiction, if there is not due process in seeking answers to situations, then there is no law at all, there is no fact at all, and wars will certainly spring up, power struggles ensue, injustice flourish.
    Now, it frequently happens that warriors, or soldiers, experience some powerful conversion, a turning to God, and they discard their arms and enter religious houses or lead simple and humble lives of holiness. That does happen, and is a statement in itself. In Medjugorje, Our Lady said, “God is not in war.” That said, I don’t think soldiers go to hell for being soldiers.
    ANYONE who turns away from disobedience to the Commandments and lives a holy life has returned to God’s grace. EVERYONE must reach a state of holiness before they can enter heaven, either through holiness of life on earth, or through purgation on the other side. Since we are all brothers and sisters, we are called to pray and sacrifice for one another. Some of the issues may have vague answers from heaven, but we do have the Commandments. I don’t have the answers. I guess all I’ve given here are more questions. But these were the excerpts that came to mind from what I’ve read here. Maybe that will help someone.

  • Reading your article I have got that Dorothy Day didn’t spend her life useless. She did a great amount of good things and she is a nice example for people, but the best example for people, a teacher of behavior and a Son of God is Jesus Christ. He is really the best example for us because all His life was a love to people and I know for sure that the teacher of Day was exactly Jesus Christ. So, we should think not about canonization of good people (who are we people to proclaim somebody saint, do we know people’s hearts better than God knows?), but about glorifying their main teacher – Jesus Christ.
    People read Bible more often and God changes your hearts and also your lives, be sure in it!