Puerto Rico

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PR-NY.jpgThe only religion questions on the Puerto Rico exit poll had to do with attendance, and the differences among the groupings were not notable. For what it’s worth, Clinton did best among weekly attenders, beating out Obama 73-27; worst among monthly attenders, outpolling Obama 62-38. If anyone thinks this means anything, I’d be be happy to hear from you.

  • Well, it seems that the US mainstream media did it again, assuming that PRs are Roman Catholics. A large proportion, though, are Pentecostals. Church politics in PR are kinda weird (through an American glass) so the heads of most CNN/Fox/MSNBC pundits would probably explode trying to analyze it. I know, can’t remember the source though, from my years in college at the UPR that Pentecostals attend church more often than Catholics (of which a large proportion are lapsed, i.e. my family). Browsing through the exit poll, I wouldn’t give it much thought, many pentecostal (and neo pentecostal) churches have aligned themselves in the last 20 years or so with the PNP (the pro-statehood party) and many of its leaders backed Clinton. The main Obama endorser in the island was Gov. Acevedo-Vilá and he’s in pretty bad shape. Also, Bill (Clinton) is very popular in PR, so in many ways the religion issue is moot. The most important numbers, in my humble opinion, are that 83% of PNPs (pro-statehood) voted for Clinton and most of the votes for Obama came from the PPD or basically people who still unconditionally support Acevedo-Vilá (52% of those with a positive opinion of Acevedo-Vilá voted for Obama).
    Just my 2 inflation-adjusted cents 😉

  • Mark, here’s some number crunching on PRs, religion, and attendance. I got them browsing quickly through the 2001 World Values Survey for PR.
    Roman Catholics
    N 410 (65.08%)
    X+1 Week (18.59%)
    Once Week (37.32%)
    Once Month (16.10%)
    N 95 (15.08%)
    X+1 Week (66.36%)
    Once Week (13.68%)
    Once Month (7.41%)
    N 65 (10.32%)
    X+1 Week (36.37%)
    Once Week (29.23%)
    Once Month (10.83%)
    I counted other as “other kind of Protestant” because some neo-pentecostal churches are kinda picky with their labeling and I don’t think all the crazy new agers I met in college comprise 10% of the population, so I assume they are X-tians. After the “once per month” category the numbers are so small that there’s no way to make valid estimates (and even that category is a stretch in some ways: n= 88).