Former ambassador says U.S. lacks `political will’ on food crisis

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c. 2008 Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly WASHINGTON _ As world leaders continue wrestling over what to do about the spiraling global food crisis, the former U.S. ambassador for humanitarian issues says he worries that Americans “have not yet developed the political and spiritual will” to adequately tackle the situation. “I think the ethical issue is, […]

  • Its bad news, food is one we need!

  • salome

    uuuuuuuuuh excuse me mr former diplOmat,
    how much food is rotting in these countries due to the inability to DISTRIBUTE IT ?
    unable to distribute it due to the nice warlords ?
    how much is STOLEN ?
    and finally,HOW many BILLIONS of dollars have Americans donated or been TAXED to fund “food relief ?”where do Americans think the UN gets their money from ? oil rich muslim opec ?
    it’s from the American taxpayers.sort out the DISTRIBUTION problem first.
    stop the embezzling of funding.
    explain what happened to the iraqi when oil for food immediately turned into “oil for fraud.”anyone thinking the useless nations will resolve any crisis is beyond moronic.
    they are a corrupt group refusing to alleviate anything overseas and we foot the majority of their costs.
    total waste of money.