Stained-glass gangsta

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Marie Clair Australia is hyping World Youth Day next month in Sydney with ads featuring gangsta rappers like Snoop Dogg and actors like Sienna Miller in stained glass taking the place of religious icons . They call it “re-branding the C-word.” Do you want to call Bill Donohue, or should I?

  • Wiley

    If “C” means popular culture, then by all means re-brand it. If “C” is Christ, re-branding is strange approach. How about teaching the message that pop culture can be used as just another diversion from living into God, an illusion that ultimately holds no significance. The belief that one can only “sell” the reality of God by “re-branding ” it as hip is, well, hip. People have been doing it forever. The only thing that seems to work from my experience, is helping people find the god within them by hearing them and encouraging them. Perhaps Snoop Dogg can do this. However, I think it’s just another attempt to compete with the world in a way that Christianity does not hold market share.

  • Pretty sure they mean “Catholicism.”

  • It is a creative approach and something that today’s youth culture can relate to. Since many of them consider going to church as boring or possible out of date with where they are in the world, and while pop culture can be filled with a lot of nonsense it’s still part of today’s society. Have fun with your religious experience as long as the right message and morals get across then this seems like just some harmless fun. Different strokes for different folks.