Pastors ask town to ban Sunday morning sports

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HANOVER TOWNSHIP, N.J.-It is a weekly ordeal at the Rev. Donald Mossa’s church. The moment the youth choir sings its last note, a swarm of parents descends to rush their kids to soccer games. Or they call to say they’re skipping Sunday services because of a tournament. “The anxiety of `Do I go to church […]

  • Manuel N. Fauni

    Banning sports by civil authorities on Sunday morning as espoused by a group of churches is a departure from the separation of church and state and would set a dangerous precedent. The wall separating church and state should be left alone.

    (Mat 22:21 KJV) They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.

    Departing from this Christian principle set by Jesus Himself will once more open up the wounds of martyrdom caused by Christian persecution by the pagan Roman emperors, Inquisition by the medieval Catholic church, Calvinistic persecution in Geneva, persecution of Sunday violators by the early settlers in the American soil, blue Sunday laws of various states now unenforced, and the horrible holocaust, etc. The historical evil results of the union of church and state are too horrendous to be over-emphasized.

    This principle of separation of church and state should not be violated also by those who believe and keep the biblical Seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday)by urging civil authorities to ban Saturday sports in order to keep their members in church during that day. If their members are really faithful, they should not be found watching or participating in sports on God’s original and still true holy Sabbath, the seventh day of the week. If they are true to their faith, then they should be found in church on that day attending their Sabbath services or maybe in some place where they are doing some good, humanitarian, charitable or missionary work.

  • Kathleen

    God never forces anyone to keep sabbath. So sabbath keepers today should not be forcing anyone to keep sabbath either. Sunday keeping should not be forced either for that matter. They are beating a dead drum because sunday is not a holy day.