You Don’t Mess with the Foxman

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Zohan.jpgJohn Hagee and Abraham Foxman have kissed and made up. In a “Dear Abe” letter, Hagee apologizes for causing offense in re: his theological musings on the Holocaust (from 1999, he clarifies). In a “Dear Pastor Hagee” response, Foxman declares himself satisfied–though not without a smack at Hagee’s eschatological presumption: “We mortals sometimes get into trouble fathoming God’s ways.” I figured Foxman would not be out of sorts with the good pastor for too long, but there’s no doubt that Hagee comes crawling out of this encounter with his tail between his legs.

  • Rob Winslow

    Back in April 2008, this letter of mine (referring to Hagee) was printed in the Naples (FL) Daily News:
    Impersonating Senator Joseph McCarthy, guest commentator Jack Tymann asserts there are “15,000 potential jihadists who have snuck into America since 9/11.” I assume, like the demagogue McCarthy, Tymann will decline to name names, even to Homeland Security.
    Tymann excoriates “global Islamism” and Muslim “madrassas where millions are taught hatred and violent jihad,” while remaining silent about the incredible anti-Americanism of the religious right, particularly that of Rev. John Hagee, whose endorsement presidential candidate John McCain says he is “honored” to have.
    Tymann shows how utterly ignorant he is about the virulent infection of political life by religion. If worried about America’s being hurt by religious fanatics, he could look much closer to home, at the dirty alliances of McCain, to see the real enemy within.
    Hagee’s hate (particularly against Roman Catholicism), extreme fundamentalist nonsense, and bilious anti-Americanism (Hagee says the U.S. should hasten the world’s end by invading Iran!) do not cause McCain to repudiate Hagee. McCain did once label Rev. Jerry Falwell, who declared that in 9/11 God allowed our enemies “to give us probably what we deserve,” an agent of intolerance. Later, McCain flip-flopped, calling Falwell a “man of distinguished accomplishment.”
    Does our constant alarmist, neo-McCarthyite Tymann, not recognize the homegrown enemy which wages its own twisted Christian jihad by endorsing violence in God’s name? For the U. S., as well as for Muslim countries, the words of world-renowned Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan (a Roman Catholic) are instructive: “When fundamentalists get power, watch people die.”