Churches get creative in helping offset gas prices

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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) At St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., the 14,000-member congregation billed itself as a “seven-day-a-week” hub of activity, with choir practices, ministry meetings or small groups scheduled every night. Then Pastor Kevin Cosby noticed a drop-off _ people simply couldn’t afford the gas to drive to several activities […]

  • Mark Hudson

    Great article. We should add to our list of responses: More prayer for our government leaders. 2) Talking the Democrats into balancing environmental green with economic “green” (cash) needed to power our economy, and allow us to expand drilling and refineries, incl. offshore and ANWR, as we are slitting our own throats to depend on Arab countries or leftist countries for energy. 3) Figure out how to use renewable energies better 4) Cut back on hyper consumption of fossil fuels 5) Go to a universal govt. mandated/suggested 4 day work week nationwide. 6) Develop alternate forms of transportation.
    7) Turn stop signs to yield signs and make drivers be accountable for failing to yield, and being less patronizing of good drivers. This w ould save $$ on stop/go driving. 8) Start a blog (maybe/probably some one has) on a list, like this, on how to prevail 9)Pray some more. 10) Thank God it isn’t any worse. 11) Trade in our SUVs for American hybrids. 12) Add suggestions/critique this small list.