Mustang Sally

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Oh, Sally … A month or so ago, Sally Quinn over at WaPo’s On Faith blog was writing about religious objections of homosexuality. Exasperated, she said, “I don’t get it.” In short, she didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, when it comes to basic Catholic teaching (not to mention etiquette), she doesn’t […]

  • Sara

    The hip thing to do today among the limo liberals is to insult and debase Catholics whenever possible. They hate Catholics because the Pope and most Catholics won’t go along with the anti-life issues the Left adores.

    This was not a mistake on Quinn’s part. It was a Lefty’s finger gouged into the eye of the church. She probably planned to do it and giggled with her pals ahead of time.

    Typical follow up ploy: “Oh, look at those hate-filled Catholics picking on little ole me.” She’s a victim, you see.

    Tim Russert was a devout Catholic. She used his funeral to insult him! Reminds me of the Democrats holding a political rally at the funeral when that fellow’s plane crashed during an election not too long ago.

    Note to self: Don’t invite any Lefty’s to my funeral.

  • Henrik Hansson

    Well, inter-denominational de facto communion between, for example, Roman Catholics and protestants of different flavors are not uncommon. Here in Switzerland that was the practice until just a few years ago, until Rome explicitly forbid it, which resulted in lots of protests on both sides. Of course, the Quinn mess is different, just wanted to make that point.

  • I certainly meant no disrespect when I participated in this Holy Communion. It was a Lefty’s finger gouged into the eye of the church. Thanks 🙂 Organic Mattress | Los Angeles movers