Satirical Imagery

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obamanewyorker.jpgAs an editor who enjoys perpetrating satirical imagery, I can’t work up any outrage at the cover of the current New Yorker showing Barack and Michelle fistbumping. Nor can I understand Howie Kurtz’s judgment of it as “incendiary.” Provocative, of course, but so obviously over the top–especially considering the source–that it’s hard to imagine anyone taking it seriously as the magazine’s considered opinion of the Obamas’ true worldview.
ObamaBombLogo.jpgIt’s good publicity for the New Yorker, though. I only wish someone would take equal umbrage at the comparable if subtler effort of our own Religion in the News along these lines.

  • Cindy

    The bomb turban logo to me is neither subtle nor funny, comes off as more insinuating, not satirical like the New Yorker, which I did find funny.
    (Some bloggers have gone into detail trying to associate Obama’s actual logo with Islam, even militant Islam.)

  • Mark Silk

    Thanks, Cindy.