Copeland: Position unchanged on Grassley investigation

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries is continuing its protest of the investigation of six ministries – itself included – by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa. Copeland, pastor of Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, has argued that responding to Grassley’s questions would infringe on the religious rights of his ministries. “… The church respectfully disagrees with Senator […]

  • cindles

    I still believe that Grassley used the wrong strategy in this whole situation. He easily could have avoided all this publicity had he gone with an IRS investigation to begin with. This also would require the information to be kept confidential. Copeland will fight this till the end.

  • Lynn

    I agree. The “strategy” he used is actually pretty inappropriate, even if commonly practiced. Since many of these ministries have undergone IRS audits in the recent and farther past, they know that investigation of that sort has been attempted. The ministries passed or minorly adjusted in these previous audits. So, I really think he knows there’s nothing amiss, and some of his statements reflect that. He wants to try them in the court of public opinion. I think such cheapens his office. Public officials are not elected to use the power of their office to pursue their personal prejudices. He has said the jets were the last straw. We don’t care about his personal opinions. A global ministry needs global tools. Get over it. The precedent is there to be set and I think KCM does a service to the church world to take the more difficult step of holding the lines they see in place that are being challenged with this current situation.

  • marty

    Mr. Grassley has done so well with other investigations and cleaned up things that needed it. I think he misunderstands what is involved here. He appears to err in principle as well as in practice. I hope that is cleared up for the sake of all.

  • tyler

    Grassley definitely made some serious errors in his handling of this situation. His motives are definitely to be questioned, especially after the smear campaign that came out of his camp a few weeks ago regarding the nepotism attack on Copeland. It’s time for this to come to an end, and Copeland is not going to give up. The end result will affect all of us, not just church organizations.

  • Dreamin thru lunch

    Um yeah. The smear campaign is transparent. Grassley has lost any footing he thought he had. Copeland is determined to stand till the end, and his support is growing. There is a bigger picture here that will affect all of us. I think it’s time this thing came to an end and a wrong decision made.

  • Luke

    It’s months later and we still have not seen a conclusion to this situation. Grassley obviously didn’t find what he was looking for. He lost alot of steam along the way as Copeland’s defense only gathered support. It’s time to bring this to an end before those decisions affect us all and not just church organizations.