Will evangelicals return Obama’s affections?

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c. 2008 Religion News Service GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. _ Heather Rosema is precisely the kind of Christian voter that Sen. Barack Obama covets. Rosema, 41, chose George W. Bush in 2000, when she put greater emphasis on issues like abortion and gay marriage. This year, she intends to vote Obama. Rosema, a member of Roosevelt […]

  • Dave

    Any practicing Christian from any denomination should “only” be voting for the candidate that supports pro-life, the creation of a child by Our Creator, God the Father. Gay marriage doesn’t create life and is against the teachings of the Christian faith. Despite Obama’s claim that he is Christian, he is in serious error and it is through his actions, his voting record in the Senate and in Illinios, that any Christian will find who he really is and what he represents. His election will bring in pro-abortion judges and justices that will side with his liberal agenda for this country and we will witness the persecution of many more innocent souls in this country. A Christian in this country has the responsibility to ask Jesus for discernment in voting. Its not about the economy, the Iraq situation, the farming bill, or oil. We, as Christians, need to stand up and represent our faith which always sides on the advancement of life of all created souls by God. There is no other way. Obama is not a servant of the Lord and he is only trying to win vulnerable Christian votes, but we know him “by his fruits” and the fruits he has produced are rotten in voting for abortion, partial-birth abortion, in support of gay marriage and other issues clearly against what Jesus taught us. God bless America and its citizens.

  • Vickie

    Dave, you said it very well here. The only thing I can add is when Obama says he wants to do the Lord’s work, the Lord never said go out and have or allow abortions. Obama seems to be doing the work of the devil, Not our Lords.

  • Maria

    I wonder if abortion is or should be the most important issue on which we Christians ought to exercise our judgment of each presidential candidate. When HRC and Obama were battling each other, both Roman Catholic Church and some “conservative” Christian denominations were very strongly and verbally pro-HRC and against Obama primarily because Obama’s pro-abortion stance. But, if I remember correctly, HRC has always been famous for her strong support for the pro-choice movement, which in my mind is the same as pro-abortion, and identified herself with the pro-choicers and agressively went after their votes for her. Now that HRC lost the battle, those same people are saying “better McCain than Obama”? How do they view McCain as a Christian? How is he “more Christian” than Obama, if they consider Christian values of at most importance in electing their President? Is a non-religious “Christian” in name only better than a less-perfect Christian who nevertheless lives himself a clean, faithful life as a Christian? One (Obama)is a faithful husband, a good father who spends time with his children, and a Church-going Christian who is not afraid to speak about Christian faith in public. The other (McCain) is someone who has dumped his first wife, who had faithfully waited for him while he was away in war but was disfigured by a bad automobile accident and became, in McCain’s words “no longer the (beautiful supermodel wife) that he had married” by the time he came from the war, and married a multimillionaire heiress 16 years his junior when McCain was turning 40 within a few weeks of divorcing his first wife? I do not know really what people look at in another person. But, personally, I judge a person more by how he conducts himself in his own private life than what he says in his official position on behalf of a nation.

  • Ben

    While I agree that abortion is an important faith issue that needs to be addressed, I also adhere to a consistent ethic of life, meaning that, while I disagree with abortion, I also disagree with all war, all poverty, all capital punishment. If we are to be truly “pro-life,” we have to consider the entire life of the person, not just 9 months in the womb. Why fight for the rights of the baby, only to let it grow up malnourished, impoverished, and under-educated? Why fight for the baby if in 18 years we send it to fight in a war that has already racked up upwards of $3 trillion in debt? Why picket abortion clinics if we are going to allow the baby to develop emphyzema by the age of 30 due to our pollution?As one writer says, endorse no candidate but Christ. No candidate will be the “perfect” choice; rather, we must be the ones to bring lasting change into the world.

  • Maria,1. Just because some misguided Catholics support ANY candidate that is pro-abortion please do not say things like “Roman Catholic Church and some “conservative” Christian denominations were very strongly and verbally pro-HRC”. The Roman Catholic church does not support any candiates that are pro-abortion. Please see this document… http://www.vatican.va/edocs/ENG0141/__PQ.HTM2. The right to life should be the most important issue on which we Christians ought to exercise our judgment of each presidential candidate. If we cannot give ALL our citizens the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then why are we America?