Deal or No Deal

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While Mark gets a well-deserved break from the blogosphere, the familiar “with friends like these” beat goes on. Over in Alex Koppelman’s War Room at Salon there’s a report on a group called Catholics United who are demanding that Deal Hudson gets a pink slip from the Catholics for McCain National Steering Committee. It seems […]

  • Caroline

    This backfired on poor “katholics united”.
    They seem to be completely unaware that the country handed Hillary Clinton her pink slip as we’ve all had enough of these kinds of tactics.
    I positively loved Bill Donohue’s press release on this.
    “Ted Kennedy belongs to Barack Obama’s Catholic National Advisory Council. Should he be criticized? Certainly: I did just that when I cited his 100 percent NARAL record. What I didn’t do was cite his past sexual indiscretions, one of which left a young woman dead.”