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The news from the latest Pew poll on religious affiliation and presidential voting is that there’s not much news, beyond small shifts across the board from Bush-Kerry to McCain-Obama. Going back to Bush-Gore, what’s most striking is the degree to which the religiously unaffiliated have turned solidly Democratic. One finding that’s worth paying attention to is the preference of white mainline Protestants for the Republican this year and in 2004, compared to the even split in 2000. It’s been notable how mainline Protestants having been shifting Democratic in recent elections, but what this survey suggests is that that shift has to do with an increase in non-white members of mainline denominations. Otherwise, the overall religion (or God) gap has shrunk, if measured only by the GOP preference of those attending worship weekly or more; but it has remained roughly constant if measure by comparing the weeklies-or-more to the less-than-weeklies.