Huck the Hack

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Huckafox.jpgSteve Waldman has a bit of a Valentine for Mike Huckabee and his veep prospects, wherein he writes:

Huckabee is a transitional figure in the evangelical world, and possibly a transformational one. As a strong pro-life politician and former Baptist preacher, he is a familiar and not-loathed figure among the evangelical old guard. Beyond that, his emphasis on Christianity as an uplifting rather than judgmental faith taps into the zeitgeist of the New Envagelicals. Younger evangelicals in particular have become convinced that leading a Bible-based, Christ-centered life might involve helping the poor and the environment, in addition to battling abortion. In tone and substance, Huckabee fits these evangelicals better than any Religious Right leader ever has.

Color me dubious. To look at Huck’s blog is to see someone who’s doing nothing except promoting standard-brand Bush-era GOP conservatives. He’s signed on as a commentator on Fox. There’s not a hint of the Huckabee that drew the interest of people in search of the next evangelical thing. Maybe he’s hiding his light under bushel, against the time when he can let it shine on the way to a new Promised Land. But what he seems mostly up to at the moment is parlaying his notable success in the GOP primaries into gainful employment.