Who remembers campaign finance reform?

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McCain-Feingold.jpgOne more thing from Saddleback. In the first segment of each interview, Warren asked for an example where the candidate had provided leadership against his party’s interest, and even his own best interest, for the good of the country. Obama cited ethics and campaign finance reform, tipping his hat to his opponent for being out in front on that as well. But did McCain mention this signature issue of his? He did not. Quickly citing “climate change, out-of-control spending, torture,” he went on to tell how as a freshly minted senator he had made so bold as to oppose Ronald Reagan on the invasion of Lebanon. Now there’s an issue that won’t come up to bite him this year.
But for those who have been paying attention, nothing about McCain has stuck in the craw of the leaders of the religious right more than McCain-Feingold, the landmark campaign finance law significant parts of which McCain’s favorite Supreme Court justices have successfully struck down. For him, it’s become The Great Unmentionable.