Catholic group calls for more women in Mass texts

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c. 2008 Religion News Service (UNDATED) A letter was sent from Ohio to Vatican City this month with a message for Pope Benedict XVI backed by thousands of women from around the world. “We want women to stop being invisible in the church’s proclamation,” said Sister Christine Schenk, executive director of Cleveland-based FutureChurch. “If you […]

  • James

    Always something new for them to complain about. Don’t these women have lives? It is obvious that they are not listening to the scripture passages that are being read. Why is this even news? It is only a few radical feminists that are exhibiting attention seeking behavior. The only thing our lectionary needs is to eliminate any “inclusive” language that has crept in. If they don’t like it they can go join the Anglicans. They can have everything they want there, except the full truth of course.

  • Ken

    I met a lay woman one time who wrote her thesis titled “Herstory” instead of History. The Blessed Mother is the First Christian.. She is Queen of Heaven and Earth. She superceeds all humanity, the Angels, the Saints and all the Greats… She is “absolute perfection”. She was born without Original Sin. It is through Her that grace is disbursed to humanity. Christ has made her the distributor of His grace. Why is it that this is not enough? Unfortunately, the Mother of God just doesn’t fit in to the mold, the “agenda”… I agree with the James, “join the Anglicans” and leave Rome alone…

  • Ken

    Correction: I meant to write that the “Blessed Mother Leads (not supercedes) humanity.. She ranks above all except that of the Father and the Son. She is above all men…

  • Ken

    Personal Reflection:There are two places in Holy Scripture where I believe Jesus shows us the importance of “woman” in our temporal world.1. The Wedding of Cana. Jesus performs His first miracle at the request of His mother by changing water in to wine.2. At the foot of the Cross to St. John, Jesus exclaims that Mary is Mother. Mother to all.I think that we as Catholic Christians are just scratching the surface to Mary’s paramount role in humanity. She is the Mediatrix between us and God because He so chooses her to be.. and we ought not challenge the Will of God. Instead we should try to understand why God chose a woman to be above all men.I believe that we could not stand before God without Her assistance -She is our (Perfect) Representative.She is “Christian”.What more do we need? Why are we seeking out greats amongst the Greatest, the Perfect Christian?Let us not settle for a puddle when an ocean awaits us nearby.